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Family Forestry Expo:

Stoltze's continuing commitment to the timber products industry is exemplified by their establishment of the Trumbull Creek Educational Forest. This forty-acre section of Stoltze land has been set aside to show the benefits of stewardship forestry. There is a half-mile interpretive trail with many stopping points along the way. Each May, the family forestry expo is held and 1250 local fifth graders and thousands of others gather here to watch demonstrations of logging equipment, see how a good back-country camp is set up and maintained, learn about forests and forest practices, and observe fish, birds, and other Montana wildlife. The family forestry expo is sponsored and created by a diversified group of organizations including local service groups, resource users, professional societies, government agencies, conservation groups, forest industry, local business, and interested individuals.

This map shows the layout of the Family Forestry Expo Site. The Expo presentations are organized around stations that focus on specific topics.
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