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Annual lumber production is approximately 65-70 million board feet of S-dry random length lumber. Stoltze is a WWPA grade subscriber and our products are graded by WWPA certified lumber graders. The majority of our lumber graders have received WWPA's Hi-Q award for excellence in lumber grading accuracy. Also, Stoltze is the only Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber producer in Montana.

All Prices are quoted FOB Mill.                                  We load truck and rail via BNSF.

Douglas Fir/Larch     -     West Woods     -     SPFS     -     Ponderosa Pine   

Boards     -     1x4     -     1x6     -     1x8     -     1x10     -     1x12 

Dimensional Lumber     -     2x4     -     2x6     -     2x8     -     2x10

To contact our sales department please call 406-892-7010
To contact our shipping department please call 406-892-7008
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