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We Buy Logs and Land

Over two thirds of the logs we use are purchased from private individuals or state and federal agencies. We rely heavily on building relationships with local landowners and the community to complete our timber supply. If you have logs for sale, contact us and one of our foresters can help you through the process.


Stoltze is committed to practicing sound, sustainable forestry. We are always looking to the future and would like to add to our family Tree Farm. If you have timbered property for sale we are interested.  

Stoltze has chosen the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program as the measure and verification of its commitment to the practice and promotion of sustainable forest management. We have committed to the SFI 2022 Standard and support the SFI program’s intent and commitment to sustainable forestry. 

Stoltze recognizes the importance and value of good forest stewardship conducted responsibly in maintaining and conserving viable public, industrial and private family forestland.  The SFI program has 13 principles designed to achieve, document and verify sustainable forestry practices.  Stoltze is committed, through its policies and programs, to implement the SFI 2022 Standard to help guide management of sustainable forestlands for future generations.

For more Information please contact our Resource Staff.

Stoltze Procurement Policy

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