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Open Lands Policy
Block Management Areas
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F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber Co. lands are available for public recreational day use unless posted as closed. These lands provide for recreational opportunities such as RV use, bicycle and motorcycle riding, hiking, fishing, hunting, berry picking and horseback riding. In order to comply with the Endangered Species Act, The Clean Water Act, Noxious Weed Control and a host of other laws and rules, it has become necessary to place gates on most of our company roads. These gates are in place for protection of Stoltze resources, especially water, soil and timber. The public may utilize these lands for their recreational activities, but they cannot drive passenger vehicles on the closed roads. This use is being provided as a neighborly accommodation and can be terminated at any time.

Most of Stoltze lands are surrounded by or adjacent to other private lands. In many cases Stoltze's only access to their land is by crossing these private lands. The public does not have any right to cross these private lands without permission from the adjacent private landowner to access Stoltze lands. This includes all activities which require access to Stoltze lands.

There are areas on Stoltze lands where excessive damage is occurring to newly planted trees and established plantations by high deer and elk populations. In an effort to mitigate this damage, we have enrolled some of our lands in the Trumbull Creek, Haskill Creek and Johnson Creek areas in the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Block Management Program to encourage hunting in these areas. Please contact your local Fish, Wildlife and Parks office for more information on these Block Management areas.

Wildlife management is a vital part of Forest Stewardship. Conduct your activities lawfully and safely. Please report violations and vandalism to the proper authorities. Please do not park your vehicles in front of gates. Should your vehicle block access it will be towed at owner's expense. If you have any specific problems or questions, call 892-7005 during business hours. Columbia Falls, Montana.

F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber Co.

Open Lands Policy

F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber Company is a forest management company that allows use of its property as a neighborly accommodation.  Use can be terminated. Roads are periodically subject to closure. Gated roads are closed to all passenger vehicles. Please treat these private lands with respect and use caution.

While recreating on Stoltze Lands please respect our Open Lands Policy

Please contact us with questions or concerns. (406) 892-7005

Stoltze Block Management Areas

Haskill, Trumbull Creek
Johnson Creek, North Swan

Block Management areas
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